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Are you a curriculum design geek interested in helping improve and refine a kid’s public education program? Are you comfortable travelling to schools and communities across BC to engage with educators and help promote educational materials? If you answered yes to these questions, we’d love to hear from you!

At Emergency Management BC, we believe that everyone should be ready for emergencies—even kids! So through our public education branch, PreparedBC, we created the free Master of Disaster classroom program. The program helps teachers educate students about the province’s disaster risks and how they can prepare themselves, their families and their communities. It is a three-module program, with a student workbook for each module. Module 1 focuses on personal preparedness, and introduces students to the various hazards in BC (like earthquakes, tsunamis, or wildfires). Module 2 focuses on household preparedness and encourages students to ensure their family has an emergency kit and a plan. Module 3 focuses on neighbourhood and community preparedness, and helps students consider their unique strengths and the contributions of others during an emergency. We also include an instructional guide for teachers, which includes activity ideas and explains how the program aligns with BC curriculum. Although this material was designed for the grade 6 and 7 curriculum, it can also be adapted for other grades.

Although the program has been a tremendous success so far, we need your help. We have space for up to three placements, each with a slightly different focus:

Placement 1: Curriculum & Instruction (Re)Development
We need a helping hand to infuse some new energy into our program’s classroom activities and our teachers’ instructional guide. If you have a creative mind, and would enjoy developing some fun, new emergency preparedness classroom activities, this placement could be the one! To help you develop your new ideas, we’ll facilitate an opportunity to test them out in a local classroom. The recommendations from this work will help us make this program more active and engaging, while also making it easier for teachers to launch in their own classrooms.

Placement 2: School District Outreach
Are you a strong public speaker with a knack for connecting with other educators? We’re looking for a student comfortable doing some travel to visit local school districts to promote the Master of Disaster program! In this placement, we’d be looking for a confident, adaptable person to develop a compelling presentation and take it on the road, to help local teachers learn more about the free resources available to them. Presentations might be to school boards or school principals, teachers or community groups—we’ll help facilitate the locations and opportunities. Travel expenses will be covered for this work.

Placement 3: Indigenous Partnerships
We’re working to make the Master of Disaster program more diverse and inclusive, to ensure that every young person in BC can relate to and understand this potentially life-saving information. But this program needs the help of a sensitive, culturally-agile educator to help enhance the material. For this placement, we’re looking for a person with experience working directly with First Nations, to bring the Master of Disaster program in to local communities. This placement is part awareness and promotion, and part conversation and relationship-building, with a focus on travelling to local, in-community schools to share the program with Indigenous educators. Travel expenses will be covered for this work.

Interested? Have questions? Please feel free to contact us directly at We are so looking forward to welcoming you into our team and working together to make this important program even more fun!

Associated Costs:

Students must arrange their initial travel to and from Saanichton (near Victora, BC) and arrange for room and board for the duration of their placement. Travel within BC may be a component of this placement; however, associated work travel expenses will be covered by EMBC.