Prince George – SD 57

Teacher candidates will spend their time in one of our rural communities - Mackenzie, McBride or Valemount!

Each community has wonderful things to offer outside of the school environment! In Mackenzie, a few spectacular highlights include:

• Paddle, swim or go boating on Morfee Lake, or hike or bike around its perimeter;

• Complete the Heather-Dina Lakes portage loop in a single day (seriously though, where else can you do that?);

• Cruise the Little Mac bike trails down to Morfee Lake - within five minutes of any accommodation in town;

• Go catch the big one (we really have huge fish up here) at Williston Lake or saunter down its long sandy beaches;

In McBride, some of the things you can see and do include:

• Birdwatch at Horseshoe Lake;

• Visit the local museum, heritage train station or Whistle Stop Gallery;

• Hike through the Ancient Forest (its about an hour drive from town, but worth the drive!);

• Hike or Mountain Bike through Avalanche Valley, Bell Mountain, Boulder Mountain Trail, Driscoll Ridge. There are many other areas to Hike and explore in the area as well!;

• Visit some of the local waterfalls; Hellroaring Falls, Morkill Falls, or TreeBeard Falls;

• Paddle, swim or go boating at La Salle Lakes

In Valemount, you can experience many different adventures:

• Heli-hiking and Cat-skiing are great ways to explore the mountains;

• White-water raft down the Fraser River;

• Explore the local trails by foot, mountain bike or ATV;

• Mountain Bike at Valemount Bike Park;

• Golf at Valemount Pines Golf & RV Park;

• Canoe, kayak or boat at someone of the local lakes, creeks and rivers;

• Go fishing at the many fishing holes in the area

Associated Costs:

A home stay with a teacher family may be available