Quilchena Elementary Eco Fair

Quilchena Elementary has held an annual Eco Fair for the last 13 years. Each year we invite 12 to 14 local environmental groups to present and share their knowledge with our students. The classes rotate through four sessions during the event and experience workshops with topics such as local honey bees, bike safety, rapter rescue, and use of recycled materials for art with Dr. Junkology. The students and school community look forward to this event every year.

Teacher candidates would be asked to work with our Student Council to create posters and announcements to advertise this event. They would also help to organize and participate in a Walk to School event, which usually occurs the week before the Eco Fair. TCs, with the help of the lead teacher, could organize and lead a school assembly and would be asked to participate in the Eco Fair. TCs would also work with students to create thank you videos for the presenters and follow up with presenters and teachers to compile feedback information after the event.

The school is a dual-track, so speaking French is an asset, but not a requirement.

Associated Costs:

No costs associated with the placement.