R.A. McMath Secondary School Garden – SD 38

A three-week CFE at McMath's Garden may involve an activity (or activities) similar to those listed below:

Activity 1

Week 1: Contact elementary schools and McMath secondary offering up workshops.

Activity 2

Weeks 1-3: Do garden work such as constructing composting bins, organizing and cleaning out garden compound, watering, planting, seeding, and maintaining garden (with students if available)

Activity 3

Weeks 1-3: Create educational resources on gardening (ex. power point how to water garden for student volunteers)

Activity 4

Weeks 1-2: Visit neighbouring gardens and workshop and collaborate with local gardening teams in the community)
Week 3: Help students and teachers prepare for the next harvest (ex. cleaning out storage area, constructing compost bins, organizing tools), or organize resources for future teacher candidates' use

Activity 5

Weeks 1-3: Plan and implement possible lessons for K-12 Grades (in sd38) on gardening, food security, soil, farm to fork, and environmental responsibility etc. Present workshops during this period at feeder schools and/or at McMath.

Activity 6

Weeks 1-3: Network with staff and administration from elementary schools as well as McMath (ex: putting on a staff lunch using greens and potatoes from the garden)

Activity 7

Weeks 1-3: Collect notes and published daily blog recaps/reflections at http://growingwithmcmath.wordpress.com


Associated Costs:

Teacher candidates are required to cover the costs for travel to/from location as well as lunches and snacks.