Responsible, Reliable Recruitment

Responsible, Reliable Recruitment offers induction training, advice and supports qualified Canadian teachers’ needs before they start work with us in England and all through their time with Responsible, Reliable Recruitment. For this CFE, Responsible, Reliable Recruitment will match teacher candidates with UK teachers and contexts that best meet the teacher candidates’ teaching interests, and/or experience and specialization backgrounds.

As these placements are largely focused on partnering you with schools that are looking to hire new Canadian teachers, it is highly recommended that only those teacher candidates committed to meeting the CFE goals, and who very open to the possibility of teaching in England, register for this CFE.

UBC teacher candidates doing their 3 week CFE through Responsible, Reliable Recruitment will not only get to spend time observing and assisting instruction in English classrooms, but they will also be provided time to speak with teacher-recruiters and school principals to learn more about the British teaching/learning contexts and guiding curriculum, regulations for entering exiting Britain, teacher wages and responsibilities, etc..

Associated Costs:

  • Flight from Vancouver to UK: $ 1100 – $1500 Canadian (CDN), return
  • Public Transit from UK Airport to school/residence: Responsible, Reliable Recruitment would provide transport (taxi cab most likely) to collect teacher candidates from eh airport and take them to their accommodations, at no cost to the teacher candidate.
  • Visa & travel documents: For current visa costs, please see

Accommodation for 3 weeks:Responsible, Reliable Recruitment offers to source suitable accommodation for teacher candidates, that matches their preference as closely as possible. Possible accommodations include:

  • Nearby hotel. (This is likely to be the most expensiveº.
  • Stay with a host family (school staff). The teacher candidate would have their own room, but they may be sharing facilities such as bathroom, toilet, kitchen. The teacher candidate would need to be flexible, as some families want to incorporate their guest into the family life as much as possible, for example some shared meals. Protocol in this case is to offer the family something for what the English call ‘board and lodgings’. A ‘thank you’ gift from Canada is always much appreciated. One advantage of this is that the teacher candidate is likely to have the opportunity to travel to and from the school with the member of staff.
  • Stay with an RRR teacher(s). This would give the teacher candidate the opportunity to see that accommodation at first hand, and to talk to current RRR teachers about living and working in the UK. Again, some contribution to living costs is appreciated/expected. Teacher candidates are likely to be staying with fellow Canadians, so they might ask for something from home they are particularly missing, Tim Hortons coffee and a particular Ranch Dressing have been previously requested!