Rick Hansen Foundation

We are interested in working closely with teacher candidates to tailor this opportunity to provide the most beneficial experience possible. The Rick Hansen Foundation School Program provides free resources to over 4,000 schools across Canada to help teach inclusion and accessibility, as well as to empower students to be difference makers in their schools and communities.

As part of the Rick Hansen Foundation School Program, teacher candidates will learn about non-profit educational programming and have an opportunity to develop teaching resources for the program. TCs will work closely with a small team and gain understanding of the process of taking curriculum from ideation to publication stage. Teacher candidates will learn about the following important societal issues: inclusion of people with physical disabilities (mobility, hearing and vision), honouring the perspectives and accessibility needs of people with disabilities, and connecting accessibility improvements to inclusive education, as well as to a truly inclusive society, more generally. TCs will also learn about the range of resources that can be used to teach character development, citizenship and communication, and will develop an understanding of curriculum across Canada.

We will be looking to teacher candidates to develop new curriculum, as well as evaluate and enhance our existing materials. Curriculum enhancement may take the form of developing project-based learning challenges, (re)creating lessons using the UDL framework or incorporating aboriginal perspectives. TCs can choose to focus on either elementary or secondary curriculum.

Other duties may include researching educational priorities and new initiatives across Canada, with an eye to how our program elements support educators and their mandates; proposing ideas for future curriculum, program development, or web/multimedia materials; and developing training resources for educators on inclusive education.


Associated Costs:

Pay parking available on-site.