Ritsumeikan High School

Ritsumeikan University has been an exchange partner with UBC for 26 years. For more information about this exchange partnership, visit the History of the UBC Ritsumeikan Academic Exchange Program.

The Ritsumeikan Junior and High School has a rich history dating back to 1900. With its High School being established in 1905, and its Primary school being added in 2006, UBC teacher candidates will obtain insight into a rich history of education with curriculum that draws from past traditions and current innovations, while inculcating habits of mind and action that encourage many cultures to coexist in the spirit of international mutual understanding (see schools Mission).


  • Observe and teach in a variety of grade levels and subject areas both similar and different to that the teacher candidate taught in Canada
  • Plan for, prepare and deliver lessons during our two-week intensive summer school program
  • Work collaboratively with other teachers to plan for, deliver and further strengthen the RITS School Program
  • Assist the school with other matters when needed
  • Observe and assist with teacher specialists
  • Observe and assist with field trips, special school events and after school activities
  • Share with children about their culture and yours.


Associated Costs:

  • Accommodation: a) Homestay (includes 2 meals): ~$22 CAD per day, b) Dorm (does not include meals): $15 – 40 CAD per day.
  • Food: a) Budget Meals: $3.50 – $10.50 CAD, b) Midrange Meals: $10.50 – 30. CAD, c) Expensive Meals: $30. and up CAD.
  • Flights: $1300.– 1500. CADS return.