School District 52 – Prince Rupert

Theme: Public Education

Location(s): Rural (Partners: SD #5, 6, 27, 53, 58, 60, 84, 91)

Description: Prince Rupert is located on Kaien Island and is surrounded by wilderness. It is beautiful and if you like the outdoors, there is lots to do. We are located on the traditional territory of the Ts’ymsyen people. Our District has a high school, an alternate school, a middle school and 5 elementary schools. Our Principals and Vice Principals provide a list of events and experiential educational opportunities the Field Experience teachers could join. The Director of Instruction would meet with the teacher candidates and go over the opportunities in the school and community and then take them around to meet with the Principals and Vice Principals to get a sense of opportunities. Past teacher candidates have participated in outdoor education events such as hikes, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. They have gone along on field trips to the North Pacific Cannery and volunteered at the fish hatchery. They helped with events such as the District Literacy Event, the Greenhouse Project at the high school and worked with the Aboriginal Education Department to prepare for National Indigenous Day.

Associated Costs: Travel by air to Prince Rupert - $800.00 return 18 hour drive from Vancouver Homestay will be arranged