School District #59: Peace River South

Theme: Rural Education

Location(s): Rural (Partners: SD #5, 6, 27, 53, 58, 60, 84, 91)


This is our first venture into welcoming students from the UBC CFE Program. We're excited to have the opportunity to showcase all that School District #59 has to offer and, by extension, all that the South Peace Region of British Columbia has to offer. Once we have established where our CFE students will be placed, we will know more precisely the types of experiences they will be a part of. May and June are busy times for schools. Our outdoor education site located at beautiful Gwillam Lake is generally booked solid in the months of May and June. CFE students may find themselves learning beside students while canoeing, hiking, climbing and telling stories by a camp fire! Day trips throughout the Peace are commonplace throughout May-June and are often designed based upon the creativity of the classroom teacher!

The Peace River South School District (SD #59) is a progressive, forward thinking district located in the Northeast region of British Columbia near the Alberta border. The district offices are centered in Dawson Creek and also include the communities of Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge. SD #59 offers K-12 programs at 20 schools with an enrolment of approximately 3,600 students. The core business of SD #59 is ensuring a Quality Education for each Learner with the core value of Continuous Learning for All. We have a strong belief in developing teachers, meeting students where they are, and providing a rich meaningful experience for all learners

Collaboration, support, contemporary learning spaces and resources are part of the fabric of School District No. 59. Professional Learning Communities, Foundations for Learning and regular professional development are available and readily accessible for all teachers. The School District Resource Centre ( houses thousands of physical and electronic resources for teachers. We support new teachers in a many ways. A formal Mentorship Program is available for any new teacher who wishes to engage with the program. Additional human resources available to all teachers include support for literacy, numeracy, Aboriginal Education, resource acquisition (Resource Center staff), and student support services.

It is our intention to have each CFE student fully experience what it feels like to be a teacher working and living in the South Peace. Beyond the classroom, the month of May leads into our longest daylight hours, welcoming the June summer solstice where the sun takes a few hour break from shining down on our agricultural landscapes and rolling hills. The South Peace is also the gateway to the Northern Rockies where hiking, kayaking and sightseeing are a must and part of regular weekend forays for locals.

We are excited to welcome UBC students to School District #59; a place rooted in collaboration, communication and relationships.

Associated Costs:

School District #59 will share costs associated with accommodation and travel.

1. Food costs for the duration of the experience will vary.

2. Travel to the area: WestJet now flies into Dawson Creek. Generally, people flying to the area from Southern BC will choose to fly into Fort St. John and then drive the 75 kms south to Dawson Creek. Round trip flights between Vancouver and Fort St. John are approximately ($800).

3. Students will homestay with a School District #59 teacher or administrator for the duration of their experience.

4. Travel within the area will be with partner teachers, administrators and Board staff.