Sea To Sky Outdoor School

At Sea to Sky we combine a generous dose of optimism, realism and good humour in a caring community with a heap of 'small footprint' fun and wilderness adventure to develop curriculum that engages students in recognizing and connecting with the greatest challenges of our time. The majority of our teaching is done in the forest or on the water in large voyageur canoes. We embrace the rain. We walk barefoot in the mud. We put slugs on our faces just to feel the slime. Sea To Sky offers the opportunity for new teachers to explore learning in the outdoor classroom and expand their understanding of nature based education. It is important that CFE students attending Sea To Sky Outdoor School are able to remain positive and enthusiastic in off trail wilderness settings in all weather conditions.

Associated Costs:

Cost = $300 per student ($100 per week) Includes: Meals and accommodation on site Water taxi transportation