Sir William Osler Elementary – SD 39

Students will experience the roles and responsibilities of a primary Resource Teacher in a K-7, EI (Early Intervention) school in Vancouver. An experienced Resource teacher will facilitate and mentor students through practical experiences the process of Response to Intervention (RTI). RTI is the process used by teachers to support all students succeed in the classroom through targeted intervention practices. Students will learn practical intervention methods used to target specific skills such as: literacy, social skills, self-regulation… ect. For three weeks, CFE students will be a teacher (under supervision), co-teacher, coach, assistant, and/or observer to name a few. These roles can be co-created with sponsor teacher as it is appropriate to student’s focus.

Students will experience a practical and realistic picture of the role of a Resource Teacher in a Vancouver School. Students will provide instructional, tutorial, monitoring, clerical support as well as a multitude of opportunities to observe direct teaching methods.

Some examples of learning opportunities in this field experience are (but not limited to): establishing reading benchmarks using Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Systems (BAS) in elementary students by observing or co-assessing. Students could learn how to support all students in alternate settings (i.e. field trips or Sports Day). Students may experience how to co-teach friendship groups to children with lagging socio-emotional skills. Students could learn how to manage and case manage Special Needs files according to Ministry of Education (MOE) audit compliance requirements. Students could learn how to level books, teach guided reading, monitor and track student skills and behavior, the Reading Recovery model; skills that will be valuable in their own experience in the Educational field.

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