Southwest University

Teacher candidates who choose to do a CFE in schools in Chongqing will be immersed in a rich cultural exchange that will give insights into both traditional and progressive lifestyles and teaching/learning pedagogies and practices. Teacher candidates will work in primary and secondary schools affiliated with with Southwest University, and there will be opportunities to speak with university faculty and participate in university-based information seminars.


  • Observe, assist and teach in a grade similar to that taught in Canada
  • Observe, assist and teach English and English as a Second Language
  • Observe and assist other grades and subjects in the school
  • Observe and assist with field trips and after school activities
  • Participate in Southwest University Seminars in the Faculty of Education
  • Present an overview of Canada

Associated Costs:

The Chongqing placement coordinator will send out an invitation letter for each individual teacher candidate towards the start of January (secondary) and middle of February (elementary). Detailed information about the visa requirements, and application forms can be found on the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre website,

Southwest University will arrange free group airport pick-up with delivery to accommodations. This is a good reason for teacher candidates to contact the Chongqing coordinator so as they time their arrival with these pickups. If a teacher candidate misses the free group-pickup, they will have to come by taxi and pay this cost themselves. Students can stay at our hotel for the international students on campus, each single room is 80 Chinese Yuan per night. They can share double room with friends, the double room is about 100 Chinese Yuan per night.

The other activities during their visit can be discussed. We would try our best to give them rich experiences, such like local sight seeing, cultural class attending, the visit to other schools, and special lectures for them etc.

We have many catering rooms for the students, every day they only need no more than 50 Yuan for the meal, and there are many food choices for them.

Teacher candidates are recommended to check with their service provider in Canada well before they leave to see what is required to use a phone in China that was purchased in Canada.