St. Mary’s Elementary School

A teacher candidate at St. Mary’s Elementary School can expect a dynamic and varied experience. The TC will be exposed to a variety of educational scenes throughout primary and intermediate grades. They will witness a multitude of teaching styles in different types of media, take part in as many subject areas and grade levels as possible, become involved in both curricular and co-curricular activities, work with special needs students, and expect to direct some lessons, under teacher guidance and supervision.

The teacher candidate will have the opportunity to network with the entire staff, ranging from newly minted teachers, to teachers with decades of experience, and to do it in a welcoming and safe environment. There will be dialogues and discussions with the teachers and educational assistants regarding directions and trends in education, how best to succeed in education, and where the peaks and valleys lie in a career in teaching.

St. Mary’s will look at this as an opportunity for a potential teacher to explore the variety of styles and subjects and flavours of education they will encounter in their teaching career.

Associated Costs:

None (aside from travel to/from the school and lunch and snacks).