Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives

Theme: Museum and Cultural Education

Location(s): Outside the Lower Mainland


A three-week field experience at the Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives would regularly include a number of activities, events, and tasks related to educational programming. Before COVID protocols, our organization hosted "Museum School" for various SD 46 elementary classes who occupied the museum with their teacher for one week periods. We provided resources, talks, tours, and support through the preparation of educational artifacts, marking student journals, preparing “Museum School” certificates, facilitating field-trips, and assisting with class supervision.

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Field experience would also normally include educational tours for other age groups such as tour buses and visiting classes from Elder College. If COVID protocols are in place, field experience might include the facilitation of workshops that now accommodate social distancing regulations. For example, Coast Salish weaver, Jessica Silvey recently presented an all-ages outdoor basket weaving workshop at our museum this summer. Other opportunities might include the development of our online learning such as "History Quiz": or the creation of "Education Boxes". We are hoping to design physical kits that engage learners through socio-historically relevant learning materials which can be lent for a period of weeks to educators within our region.

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  Community Field experience would also encompass the practice of regular research for patrons of the museum who request information we may hold in our archives or are able to prepare using our expertise and partnered resources. The participant might assist teens individually with school research and bursary applications. The participant might also conduct collection maintenance tasks and/or research related to the display of housed artifacts or their online presentation.

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