The ACT Arts Centre

Theme: Arts

Location(s): Maple Ridge


The ACT Arts Centre, open since 2003, provides excellence in Arts Programs, Gallery Exhibitions and Performing Arts Presentations, along with being home to many cultural and community events, reaching over 70,000 patrons annually. The award winning ACT Presents Season offers around 30 performances a year attracting close to 10,000 patrons annually, while the ACT Art Gallery sees over 7,000 guests. Our Arts Programs register approximately 4000 participants annually, and offer programs in Maple Ridge.

The ACT Arts Centre runs weekly arts education programs for students of all ages - from 0-100. These programs include visual arts, dance, drama and music. CFE students would get to observe and support these sessions, experiencing a variety of learning techniques and lesson structures. We also run after school programs at local schools (230-4pm) which the CFE student could observe and support. In addition, the CFE students would get to experience the organization and administration behind running the programs and support the development of educational resources.

Both placements would also get to observe and support our school programs, which are offered to K-12 students. School programs include gallery based programing and hands-on sessions focused on an art form, e.g. printmaking/musical theatre.

Associated Costs:
Travel to Maple Ridge, parking ($4 a day but free street parking available), lunch.