UBC Botanical Garden

Students would work on education projects related to our Sustainability and Community Programs. These include school field trip curriculum and delivery, outreach events and public displays and assisting a world class venue with hosting guests from all over the world. We operate in an 80 acre outdoor site with food garden, native plants, and Asian gardens to name a few. We have a modern TreeWalk experience as well as a traditional Japanese Nitobe Memorial Garden. Our botanical library and horticultural staff are a great resource for student teachers. Our office hosts summer students, graduate students and is an educational learning hub.

We are deepening our Garden Guide training curriculum and First Nations education. Plant sales and special events may animate this practicum which is a fertile outdoor education learning ground. We coordinate with our volunteer Friends of the Garden and provide place-based learning in our outdoor classroom. We value the enthusiasm and expertise the CFE students bring.


Associated Costs:

None aside from travel to and from the Botanical Garden. Bring your own water bottle, snacks and lunch.