UBC Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies

The teacher candidate(s) for this position would have the unique opportunity to work closely with a UBC instructor of a romance language (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) and the FHIS Learning Centre to engage in a variety of teaching exercises that could include designing and executing original lesson plans, activities, and/or workshops to large or small groups in the classroom and online and guiding students as they explore their own questions about and interests in classroom exercises and more formal assessments for the course at the Learning Centre.

In addition to tutoring, the teacher candidate(s) will have the opportunity to lead language table sessions, which offer students opportunities to practice their conversation skills in a relaxed learning environment.

The flexibility in schedule and session format (in person or online) for the teaching component for this placement would allow teacher candidates the opportunity to work on a project of their choice as a sort of capstone for this experience, such as creating a teaching and learning module or designing activities or lessons for the FHIS Learning Centre, intended to fine-tune skills (listening, speaking, pronunciation, writing, among others) central to promoting holistic competence in language learning.


Associated Costs:

No associated costs required.