UBC Learning Exchange

In their field experience, teacher candidates will participate in and support all programs at the Learning Exchange. This means: encouraging informal learning and sharing of skills in the welcoming, low-barrier drop-in program (often supporting program participants' first steps in re-engaging with learning in adult life); supporting an informal, peer-led English conversation program which is led by local residents and learners themselves; supporting volunteer facilitators in a peer-led computer skills program, tackling the digital divide in collaboration with organizations throughout the DTES; and supporting Learning Exchange participants to share knowledge and develop personal confidence and capacity in a wide variety of activities in "Learning Lab" (arts, languages, crafts, music, culture, etc).

TCs might be involved in program evaluation; identifying how best to elicit participants’ views, assessing impact, and recommending changes. They will also have the opportunity to develop, along with local residents, a learning activity that will sustain itself and continue to run beyond their three-week placement. All these activities are based on promising practices in peer-led adult education, and on the principles of asset-based community development.

Hands on, students will learn pragmatic, effective approaches to identifying and developing personal capacities in a community that has been marginalized socially, educationally and economically. Students will experience, in practice, "outside the box" thinking about teaching and learning.


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