UBC Orchard Garden

Teacher candidates will experience curriculum/pedagogy in the garden, as well as learn basic gardening skills. In Vancouver, many schools and school districts are increasingly interested in outdoor, garden-based education and naturalized schoolyards for learning and for play. It is a space where educators can make cross-curricular connections between subject areas and use the garden as an outdoor classroom for hands-on experiences.

Teacher candidates will participate in a variety of activities, including:

  • Field trips to school gardens
  • Designing lessons
  • Self-directed research projects linking garden to student's area of interest
  • Teaching experience in the garden (with students)
  • Review of research on school gardening
  • Possible work with VSB, PACs to design schoolyards (currently, the PLAYbook project)
  • Contributions to the Orchard Garden blog
  • Handbook on garden-based education & teaching resources
  • A wide range of hands-on gardening experiences

Associated Costs: