University of Addis Ababa

If you are looking for an amazing educational experience then consider applying to the Ethiopia option for your CFE. Beyond the great educational exchange Teacher Candidates will experience a beautiful culture, amazing food, friendly people and precious memories that will last a life time. Teacher candidates who choose to go to Ethiopia will experience a world of exotic foods, such as; injera and tibbs, fresh mango juice and amazing coffee. Music and art are woven into everyday life – sounds, colors and forms from over thousands of years join together to form a unique contemporary culture. Ongoing streams of little blue taxis, pedestrians and markets of all sizes. One market, the Mercato, largest in Africa, is filled with infinite goods from herbs to animals fill your senses.


  • TCs are expected to be flexible and open to new experiences
  • TCs are recommended to develop activities that can be used across grades and do not require great deal of technology or space in their luggage.
  • TCs should also bring some type of cookie to share during coffee break (maple leaf cookies are well received)
  • Create a presentation (PP) to share with the College of Education (Previous topics: Inquiry Based Learning, Digital Literacy-Early Childhood Learning etc.)

Associated Costs:

  • Costs pertaining to attaining a business/working visa
  • For all shots around 350$ (Yellow Fever, MMR, Hep A+B, Typhoid)
  • Economy return flights from Vancouver to Addis Ababa (April 2016): $ 1200 – 2200 Canadian (CDN), return (we bought ours for 1200$ return CDN but our total travel time was 43 hours with 2 layovers. We saved 500$…worth it? For us it was!
  • SIM International (SIM) Guest House: ~16$ a night per person (not including meals – 2016 rates). 30$ a night including all 3 meals (in US$)