Vancouver Art Gallery

Teacher candidates selected to do a CFE at the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) will be engaged in a manner that supports the VAG's educational mission, which is to:

  1. provide exhibition tours and workshops designed for elementary and secondary school groups, and
  2. introduce tools to learners that foster visual literacy and promote critical thinking about the visual world.

UBC TCs will also be provided many opportunities to observe the gallery's current school program-tours and hands-on workshops, and assist the VAG staff with these as needed. TCs will also participate in the development and training for a new school tours and workshops, and they will be introduced to all the departments within the workings of the gallery. However, a TC's primary focus will be working with public educational program ranging from elementary to adult visitors.

There is no preference to host TCs with art specializations or majors, or who have a great deal of experience or talent working in the fine arts (although these TCs are quite welcome to join us). Instead, TCs interested in learning more about how a major art gallery runs its educational programs and fosters their patrons' critical visual literacy, will find a VAG CFE very engaging and rewarding.

Associated Costs: