Vancouver Biennale

This placement aims to give you experience of working as an arts educator for a non-profit organization.

The organization - The Vancouver Biennale is a non-profit charitable organization that exhibits great art in public spaces, creating a catalyst for learning, community engagement, dialogue, and social action. Our mission is to make Public Art accessible, engaging, and motivating to create vibrant and inspired communities.

The placement - You will be working with the Program Coordinator who manages the education program for the Biennale, engaging school pupils in art in public spaces. During the placement you will help develop and deliver learning programs to different age groups in a variety of settings. These could include workshops in schools or in an outdoor setting - by our sculptures in the Metro and Greater Vancouver area. As well as working with the Program Coordinator, you may work with artists to deliver sessions. The placement also aims to include training in learning from objects and learning outside the classroom.

In addition you will also gain practical experience of the essential administration required to run a successful arts education program. This may include uploading website content, processing evaluation, processing project documentation and writing up project reports.

Associated Costs:

Travel in and around the Metro and Greater Vancouver area. Please provide your own lunch. Accommodation not provided.