Vancouver Island West – SD 84

A three week field experience in SD84 might involve:

  • working with a classroom teacher to create a culminating assignment for fine arts where students create and perform a play for the whole school using the puppets they made that year
  • working in an alternate program helping students to prepare lunches, create models of long houses and wood burning plaques
  • working in a Strong Start center with pre-school aged children and their parents at a variety of learning stations
  • speaking with the local community literacy coordinator about the challenges of their position
  • taking part in a school field trip to Strathcona Park Lodge where the students would do canoeing, wide games and the ropes course
  • taking part in one of several Nootka Sound Outdoor Program trips such as the all girl surfing weekend at Tofino, caving at Upana or kayaking around Spring Island
  • drum making/painting/carving with a local First Nations artist
  • taking part in a district wide professional development day

Associated Costs:

SD84 will provide shared accommodations, a living out allowance of $500 and will cover reasonable receipted travel costs for CFE students.