Vancouver Talmud Torah School

Theme: Independent Schools

Location(s): Vancouver


We are a diverse and pluralistic Jewish community day school for students in senior-kindergarten to grade seven. We have several teachers (both in primary and intermediate) who are interested in welcoming teacher candidates into these classrooms to observe and learn in both general studies and Judaics studies/Hebrew classrooms. Teacher candidates would have the opportunity to serve within the existing educational structure. Specifically, they would be able to engage in classroom teaching and provide targeted and individualized support to our students as well. We are working to meaningfully integrate general studies and judaic learning, implement BC's re-designed curriculum and explore critical thinking and STEAM. Our hope in inviting teacher candidates to Vancouver Talmud Torah is to learn from each other and enrich the learning and experience of our students and faculty, while supporting the development and growth of new teachers.

Associated Costs:
There are no associated costs.