Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

This practicum is intended for music education students who have an interest in arts administration, symphonic music, and ways in which a professional arts organization provides educational outreach. It will be mostly, if not entirely, remote.

You will be involved with some or all of the following programs and departments, depending on your interests and aspirations:

VSO Connects (until early June):

We will be partnering with six schools across the Lower Mainland this spring. In addition to virtually visiting these schools and teaching our participating K-7 students, you will also have the chance to network with teachers and administrators in all six districts, observe VSO musicians teaching, and assist in the scheduling, planning, program evaluation, and implementation of VSO Connects.

Education Concerts and Community Engagement:

The VSO offers Elementary School Concerts, Kids Concerts, and Little Kids Concerts each year. Teacher candidates will assist in the creation of study guides and learning resources that are distributed to over 25,000 students! Teacher candidates will also participate in the planning and implementation of a variety of community engagement activities.

VSO Artistic Operations Team:

You may choose to spend some time working alongside the VSO’s Artistic Operations team, which is responsible for many backstage tasks, working with guest artists, season planning, and other behind-the-scenes activities.

VSO Marketing and Development Departments:

You may choose to speak with and observe the marketing and development departments, in order to become familiar with how fundraising and marketing is approached at the VSO.

Additional “Perks” of the VSO CFE:

You will have access to VSO performances and rehearsals, as well the chance to develop relationships with our partner organizations such as Tom Lee Music, the Coalition for Music Education in Canada, the St. James Academy, and the UBC Music Department.

A CFE with the VSO would be most beneficial to the teacher candidate and the VSO if the student is a music student.

Associated Costs: