Wesbrook Community Centre

The three-week field experience will allow the teacher candidates to gain a better understanding of how community centres operate, while engaging with the community through participation in programs and events. Through engaging with our community, we hope the teacher candidate will be able to assess our community’s needs and develop a program that will be implemented at one of our community centres during their CFE. There are a variety of options that TCs can select from at both our community centres to explore how their BEd degree is transferrable to community services, as well as the recreation and leisure field.

The two options available for teacher candidates, apply for both the Secondary and Elementary & Middle Years teachers:

  1. One student will work with our Children's Garden at the Old Barn Community Centre. In the first week, they will learn about the Children's Garden and actively participate in tending the garden and working with our community volunteers, as well as the Plants Stewards Group. They will end the first week by proposing and developing a children's program that integrates the garden with other educational or creative aspects (ex. teaching children how to write about their experiences with the garden through a blog, writing poetry about the garden, or an art project for the garden). This program will be taught in the second and third week of the placement. The placement with the Children's Garden is flexible and is open for discussion, as the teacher candidate can propose their own goals and agenda for the last two weeks.
  2. The second teacher candidate will be working primarily at Wesbrook Community Centre. At the centre, the teacher candidate will be responsible for leading and assisting a variety of programs for infants, children, youth, and seniors. Depending on the teacher candidate's goals, we can tailor the CFE to their field of interest. The first week of the placement, the teacher candidate will have the opportunity to lead and experience the different community programs we offer. This may include leading a parent and tot circle time, a pro-d daycamp, an afterschool activity, and senior’s social programs etc. At the end of the first week, the teacher candidate will select an age group or a program they would like to assess and recreate. This may include creating a resource binder/bin for our parent and tot program, developing craft ideas for our story time program, working with the Youth Leadership group for their Youth Week festivities, or developing a workshop for adults. The second week will be focused on the developing their project, while continuing to participate in leading different programs at our community centre. The third week will be the implementation of their project. Teacher candidates may also work collaboratively with each other to create and lead their programs with our community. They will be supported by the Program Coordinators, Youth Programmer, and the Community Engagement Coordinator.


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