Woodstock School

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Woodstock School is an international coeducational residential school that offers a broad, challenging, and holistic educational curriculum from Grade 5 to 12. Those teacher candidates hosted by Woodstock will be in for a treat as they explore, experience and reflect upon teaching and learning that emphasizes:

1) the development of responsible global citizens,

2) the importance of equipping students to survive and thrive in the 21st century,

3) the nurturing of healthy interpersonal relationships, and

4) the importance of imparting a profound sense of self amongst staff, faculty and students.

The life and values of the school are based on an inclusive Christian tradition and Woodstock’s Religious Life Policy.

UBC teacher candidates will experience a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration between teachers across disciplines, as well as having the opportunity to guide students in pursuit of answers to meaningful research questions that break traditional academic barriers. The school encourages a spirit of open inquiry and free investigation. May semester represents a celebration of authentic learning.

For example, in May, Woodstock School moves into a period of interdisciplinary projects throughout Grades 9-12. Every student spends May investigating a topic of their choice, within broad, grade-level parameters, in preparation for the annual Festival of Ideas.

Preference will be given to those teacher candidates who have visited developing countries in the past, have experienced and demonstrate an ability to cope with culture shock, and have developed an ability to be flexible and open to embracing fairly different cultural values than their own.

Pre-selection interviews may be required.


Associated Costs:

  • Economy flights from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) return (Dec 2016): $1500. – 2500. Canadian dollars (CDN) – depending on number of stops and sale prices.
  • Flight to/from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Dehradun Airport (DED) return (Dec 2016): $100.00- $125.00 CDN return.
  • Transit to/from Dehradun Airport (DED) to Woodstock school, accommodation details, and student visa information: For more information about travelling to/from Woodstock, with estimated costs, please see the Visit Woodstock document. Note! Teacher Candidates Candidates will need to be prepared to walk 15-20 minutes on mountain trails to get to and from school.
  • 3 weeks of food: TBD Note: Woodstock school will provide accommodation and food for UBC teaching candidates. The costs will be posted soon.