Xet’olacw Community School


Theme: Indigenous Education

Location(s): Outside the Lower Mainland

Description: Students would work at a First Nations School that aligns BC curriculum with local tradition, language and culture. Xet'olacw Community School also has 2 outdoor school locations close to the main building - Lil'wat Place and Meagre. This allows educators to easily take learning outside and teach our students important lessons about the wilderness and their traditional territory. In addition to standard curriculum courses, students experience language immersion as well as our "supercourses" (week one intensive courses that focus on outdoor education, language, and culture). Some supercourse examples include camping/backpacking trips to Skalula7 Mountain and Stein Valley, snowboarding, rock climbing, skateboarding and mountain biking in Whistler, hide tanning, drum making, and various arts.

Associated Costs: Students will need to pay for accommodations and other living expenses.