YMCA Camp Elphinstone

During the first week, a CFE at Camp Elphinstone involves the teacher candidate shadowing current staff and observing camp programs. During the second and third weeks a teacher candidate will be doing a specific task such as lesson planing for camp activities and/or helping develop camp programs and manuals.

It is important to note that this CFE often requires long daily hours of the teacher candidate. Thus this placement may require some accommodation for number of days worked. Teacher Candidates selected for this CFE will need to speak to the CFE coordinator well in advance of their departure.


Associated Costs:

YMCA Camp Elphinstone will be providing accommodation and meals for each teacher candidate. Teacher candidates should budget $13.70 (round trip) as a foot passenger for ferry rides to/from West Vancouver to Gibsons and an additional $45.90 (round trip) for a standard vehicle (optional).