York House School

York House School (YHS), with two campuses located in the heart of Vancouver, offers a progressive and comprehensive academic program through Grades JK to 12 and has consistently maintained a first-place standing in provincial school rankings.

We deliver a challenging curriculum that is learner-centred and flexible. While we emphasize foundational learning of literacy and numeracy, our programs focus on providing meaningful and authentic learning experiences that empower deeper learning through concept-based and competency driven approaches. Additionally, our curriculum framework aims to nurture and develop global competencies in our students from Junior Kindergarten all the way through to Grade 12.

The Junior School offers an enhanced version of the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s approved curriculum. The focus is on developing fundamental skills in language, math, science, social studies, art, health, and physical education. Students also learn independence and build self-confidence as teachers focus on exploration, critical thinking, and teamwork in the classroom. The curriculum is enhanced with field trips, visiting instructors who are experts in their field, as well as resource teachers who help support the diverse learning needs of our students. Co-curricular activities such as community service and athletics are also emphasized.

The Senior School offers a comprehensive and rigorous academic program that prepares young women for success in a university of their choice, and for a life-long career in learning. University offers are made to 100% of the graduating class. Students experience the challenges of a college-level curriculum with the Advanced Placement (AP) program, which eases the transition from secondary school to university.


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