Youth TRAIN in Trades Programs – SD 39 (VSB)

We are a teaching cafeteria - grades 10-12, cooks training and Youth TRAIN in Trades Cooks (level 1 for Red Seal). We teach skills to our students, link with 2 Cognitive development classes, serve lunch to staff and students, box 130+ lunches for elementary schools. Partner with BC Agriculture in the classroom for the Fruit and Veg Nutritional Program and Take a Bite of BC.

I have 3 possible projects:

-adding technology to the class to help teach/review concepts

I have one TV (apple TV), 10 iPad minis, have applied for a smart TV and iPad stand. Starting to use Twitter and Instagram (@tuppercaf) to show case what we do and thank Farmers for their donations Goals - to use technology to help students learn concepts and vocabulary at all levels

-moving forward in reducing the use of single use plastic and single use 'compostable' service items

We have made some headway on this, but still have a long way to go! Part of it is coming up with different ways to keep food fresh/serve in the classroom and for service AND advertise this to the school (how do we get everyone on board for reusable items and manage their return and cleaning). 'Thinking' this needs to include links to the wider community/business/home use

-integrating our garden/micro green/compost initiatives into our class and connecting with other classes

Microgreens: started this last year, continued this......teaching how to grow and then use Compost: same - need a better way to streamline into kitchen routines AND maintain the composters Raised beds - 6 installed this year and just planted

Associated Costs:

If you are local.....transit costs. There is free parking in the school.