YWCA – Youth Education Programs

The YWCA runs afterschool programs for Grade 7 students, and in-school Dating Violence Prevention programs for Grade 8 students. This practicum is currently planned as a remote position.

Our Grade 7 programs aim to support participants in the transition to high school, build their self-esteem, improve their ability to make responsible decisions, and learn healthy relationship skills. The programs have a strong SEL basis. The pre-service teacher would be helping our team update and revise our program curricula to keep it current and relevant. This could involve developing new activities, updating old ones, shortening activities, and generally working to make the curriculum stronger and more relevant.

Our Grade 8 programs are aligned with the Physical Health and Education curriculum and delivered in schools. During this practicum, the practicum student would work with our staff on the development of the curriculum including research, editing/revising curriculum, developing curriculum adaptations, and possibly assisting in the delivery of the curriculum pilot.


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